Scouta 0.8.22

Social networking agent that brings together media sites


  • Allows you to filter media content
  • Recommends the best content from a range of sites
  • Easy to use, attractive interface


  • Scouta community is still very small


Scouta is a social networking site in which users can listen to podcasts and see videos from media sites such as Metacafe, Veoh or YouTube. All this amounts to a huge amount of video data but it certainly saves time on checking each site separately to see your favourite videos.

The community of video users on the internet is already so huge that you've got millions of people sharing videos and podcasts. It's therefore very easy to get lost in the jungle of information which is where the Scouta agent comes in handy by providing tips and recommendations on the latest releases.

First you need to register yourself in the Scouta community and before long, you'll have access to the Scouta agent. The system of recommendations is based on the score that you give to each video or podcast, in your profile where you can see which are your favourite videos and podcasts, as well as your visible subscriptions to podcasts and vodcasts from iTunes.

The problem at the moment is that the Scouta community is relatively small so recommendations and member profiles are thin on the ground.

However, this could be a great innovation if more people join considering the amount of media vying for our attention.

Scouta provides you with personal recommendations for video and podcasts that suit your interests and tastes. It does this based on your favorite online videos or podcasts that you bookmark in your My Scouta account.

Scouta also works with iTunes, taking into account all the podcasts and vodcasts that you watch or listen to in iTunes, on your iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone, by using the Scouta Agent.



Scouta 0.8.22

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